Pay Attention To The Future, Pay Attention To Art

Take a look around the site to discover the integral role of art, why I am interested in it, and see some examples of art working for the better of our future.

Recognizing and appreciating art is an incredibly important role we play as members of a global society. What we pay attention to and celebrate is what will be continued, we are not passive creatures simply absorbing art, we dictate what becomes trademarked as vital pieces of our culture. It is due to this power that we should recognize our role so that the art produced in the future continues to benefit the world and the people in it.

Today’s young generation have many influences on their day-to-day lives. One of the most impactful is the media. Celebrities are the stars of their shows, songs, tours, and productions, and the youth pay attention to it all. They take into account everything that is said and done by their favorite stars. Many people put a lot of blame on the media and celebrities for corrupting and misguiding the youth and a decent amount of everyone else as well. This view isn’t all that incorrect considering that there are concerning things being produced that people respond to. However to slap on a shaming label for anyone in the performing and producing arts is not okay. Our future society will be shaped by the art that is being produced, and if we as the teachers of that generation don’t take an active part in that shaping we choose to be left in the dark. Celebrities are playing a vital role in what the generations of tomorrow see and think about. Some of these celebrities don’t do much with their standing other than entertain, and there’s nothing wrong with that type of motive. However, there are celebrities who are going beyond that, using the medium of entertainment to send out a message. These messages vary, depending on the musician or actor and their specific art, but usually they are coming from celebrities who are themselves a minority and know first hand the struggles that other people in their group face. These are individuals who have seen a lack of representation in entertainment, and want everyone to be able to listen to or watch something and be able to positively relate to what’s being portrayed. These are individuals who know that so many youth feed off of entertainment, mirroring and taking note of everything said and done. Due to that, they make sure that empowering ideas are constantly reinforced in their art, whether it be subliminally or directly.